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Released: 2007-08-22Filed under: News, Press Releases

WirelessIRC - the first native, combined IRC, Twitter and Bonjourâ„¢ chat application - is now available for Nokia N-Series, E-Series and any other S60 3rd Edition compatible smartphones.

WirelessIRC lets you chat with thousands of other people on the internet relay chat ( IRC ) and connects you to your Twitter friends with a gorgeous looking user interface.

Integrating Web 2.0 APIs, WirelessIRC automatically posts all URLs from your chats to and stores your chat logs on Google Docs.

With its powerful event scripting WirelessIRC can be programmed to play sounds on events, reply to messages or post URLs based on substring searches.

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WirelessIRC in full action on a Nokia N95 WirelessIRC in full action on a Nokia N95