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Released: 2012-03-08Filed under: News, Press Releases

A hotfix of Gravity has been released today, after users reported missorted tweets in Twitter accounts. If you are experiencing this bug, please upgrade to Build 7032.

Description of the bug:

  • Tweets are suddenly appearing in the Replies or Direct Messages Tab
  • Tweets or replies from one account are showing up in another account

Please download and install the Hotfix Build 7032 of Gravity:

RELEASE NOTES for Gravity 2.50 Build 7032

Swipe left or right to browse pictures in Gravity     Sharing a Facebook Link with Gravity on a Nokia 701

New Features & Improvements

  • In picture preview mode, swipe left/right or use cursor keys to browse all pictures
  • The Foursquare account preview shows your last check-in
  • “Pull-down to Refresh” has been improved (S60v5 and S^3 / Anna / Belle)
  • The “Important” folder has been removed from Twitter Accounts
  • When retweeting, the cursor is positioned in front of the retweet for better editing

Bug Fixes

  • Hotfix / Work-around for the missorted tweets, mentions and DMs
  • Stale or expired Facebook accounts can be edited or deleted again
  • The embedded browser (S60v5 and S^3 / Anna / Belle ) is more stable now