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Released: 2008-10-17Filed under: News, Press Releases

Remote S60 Professional, the award winning remote control tool for Symbian based smartphones, is now touch-screen aware and features a number of improvements with its latest release 2.93.

The new version of Remote S60 Professional now supports touch-screen enabled S60 5th Edition phones like the recently announced Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The touch-screen can be controlled from a PC or notebook mouse.

New Features in Remote Professional 2.93:

  • The USB support has been improved, allowing the user to connect from the PC to multiple phones and running all sessions simultaneously.
  • The software can now be conveniently registered from the Windows application.
  • An “overdrive-mode” for faster transmission of the phone screen.
  • The screensaver running on the phone can be optionally disabled.
  • Supporting touch-screen enabled S60 5th Edition (Symbian OS 9.4) phones now.
  • Now fully compatible with the Nokia N96

If you’ve already installed Remote Professional on your S60 3rd Edition phone, please upgrade to the latest version 2.93.476 (available via the PC installer from the link below):

Click to download the latest version of Remote Professional!

Conveniently connect and remote control S60 and UIQ phones from the PC Remote control a touch-enabled S60 phone

Features explained:

With a new “overdrive-mode”, the benchmark-setting speed of Remote Professional is further increased. When running in overdrive-mode, Remote Professional is scanning and sending frames continuously instead of waiting for each frame to be acknowledged.

USB-attached phones can be connected from the PC. Once Remote Professional is running on the phone, you can conveniently start and stop connections from the PC application. Of course, you can connect multiple phones at the same time, each displayed in real-time in a separate window.

About Remote Professional:

Remote Professional is the ideal tool for viewing and controlling S60 and UIQ 3 based smartphones from a Windows PC.

For the end-user, it helps managing the complete phone from the PC keyboard: sending SMS, adding new contacts, creating calendar entries or starting a phone call.

For the professional, it quickly creates screenshots for documentation, displays the phone screen through a beamer for presenting in front of large audiences or acts as a link to automated application testing systems.

Learn more about Remote Professional