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Features of Remote Professional for S60 and UIQ3


  • Display the phone’s screen on a desktop/notebook monitor or beamer in real-time
  • Control the phone via the PC keyboard and mouse
  • Control a touch-screen enabled S60 5th Edition phone via the PC mouse


  • High-performance screen scanning and compression algorithm ( ARM assembler )
  • True-color, real-time screen transfer for 100% perfect matching of your phone’s screen
  • Connect multiple phones at the same time
  • Antialiased Skins of S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3 phones

Screenshot & Screencast

  • Make a video ( screencast ) from the phone’s screen
  • Use the built-in lossless Flash Screen Video codec to create videos for the web!
  • Select any available codec for creating an AVI video
  • Create uncompressed, lossless AVI movies for further video editing
  • Configure the size of the video and even use background skins!
  • Create high quality screenshots in native color resolution ( lossless! )
  • Save screenshots in PNG, BMP or JPEG
  • Automatically name files for quickly saving multiple screenshots in a row
  • Copy a screenshot to the clipboard
  • Create oversized screenshots from the WebBrowser on the phone


  • Supports USB and Bluetooth connections
  • Auto-detects all ( multiple ) phones connected with a USB cable
  • Conveniently connects from the PC ( to USB attached phones )


  • Open a URL in the phone browser from a dialog on the PC ( S60v3 only! )
  • Copy and paste text from PC to phone and vice versa ( S60v3 only! )
  • Bilinear scaling (2x, 3x, 4x) and sharpening
  • Block screensaver
  • Popup on screen activity
  • Automatically check, download and install updates