Remote UIQ 2.0
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UIQ 2.0
Remote P910/P900/P800Version 1.42

With Remote P910 you can control your Sony Ericsson P910, P900 or P800 or Motorola A1000/A92x from your Windows PC by using the keyboard and mouse.

Brilliant - manage your phone right from your PC

You can start and use any application without even touching your phone. Remote P910 helps you creating screenshots and even allows you to record AVI movies from the screen of your mobile phone.

Writing a SMS with Remote P900 connected to a Sony Ericsson P910 Adding an appointment via Remote P800

Remote P910 is compatible with the Sony Ericsson P910, P900 and P800 and Motorola A1000, A925 and A920 and requires Windows NT, 2000 and XP.