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Date: August 31, 2010

Twitter changed the authorization method for the Twitter API. Please upgrade to the latest version of Gravity if you see a message like “Error: Protected User!” or Gravity isn’t updating anymore.

Install the latest version of Gravity

You can install the latest release version of Gravity from this link:

The latest stable ALPHA version of Gravity is always available via this link:

No need to worry: All versions of Gravity will auto-register.

If you are running a registered copy of Gravity, you can safely install any version and it will auto-register on your phone. There is no need to re-purchase Gravity.

Upgrade from inside Gravity’s Info & Updates section

Gravity will tell you if there’s a new release version available. You can also check for (stable) Alpha releases with interesting new features by visiting the Info & Updates section from time to time.

To install the latest version, change to the Info & Updates section and click on the top-most entry:

Old Version of Gravity Old Version of Gravity

Trouble installing a new version of Gravity?

If the installation of a new version of Gravity fails with an “Certificate Error. Contact Application Supplier”, please follow these instructions.