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Date: July 24, 2008

The IMEI - short for International Mobile Equipment Identity - is a unique, 15 digit number given to every single mobile phone.

We need the IMEI to generate the registration code for our applications, because all of our products are licensed per phone.

Where can I find my IMEI?

To retrieve the IMEI of your phone, just dial the number: *#06#

The following pictures show how to obtain the IMEI on a Nokia N95:

Enter *#06# to retrieve the IMEI of a Nokia N95 A Nokia N95 displaying its IMEI

And on a Sony Ericsson M600:

Enter *#06# to retrieve the IMEI of a Sony Ericsson M600 A Sony Ericsson M600 displaying its IMEI

The IMEI is also printed on a label under the battery and sometimes you can find it on the packaging as well.

To cross-check your IMEI, you can use the service of International Numbering Plans.

What if I accidentally used an invalid IMEI when purchasing your products?

No problem! Just send the correct IMEI along with your order details to and everything will be fine.
You should be automatically notified by our registration server if the IMEI is invalid, by the way.